ABOUT  Roland

I am a 27 years old photographer, cinematographer and guitarist, based in Budapest.

I started getting interested in photography, videos and music when I was 11 years old.

After the high school I finished a photography school in Budapest and started working alongside with professional photojournalists.

From then I work for the Hungarian National Transport Authority, Sportime Magazin and for some other press and online media around Hungary.

Besides it is became my passion to capture the moments of love - as a wedding photographer and cinematographer and also love to work with families and children.

I decided to be a wedding filmmaker after I saw the works of Roland Mihálszky, our world famous wedding cinematographer in Hungary. He was a huge impression on me. In this filmmaking style I leave the cronological editing and use every part of the filming toolbar to create your own story. The guide through the film is not the timeline, but the feelings and the atmosphere of the pictures and sounds. Sounds and musics are extremely important -  helps me in it that I am lucky enough to be a musician too - l finished a Jazz Conservatory in Budapest and I am  a classical,  pop and rock player too.

Thank you for visiting me and feel free to contact wherever you are - I love to travel! :) 

Roland Szadai